ReishiMax GLp

Food supplement with reishi mushroom extract

Part of the body’s complex immune system includes a formidable arsenal of cells called Natural Killer Cells. These cells recognise a seemingly infinite number of organisms considered as foreign to the body and directly attack and destroy them. They also destroy damaged or compromised cells that occur naturally within the body as part of the cellular regeneration process.

Reishi is a wood-rotting fungus occurring as a shelf-like form on the sides of trees and stumps. In old Chinese texts, Reishi is a highly praised mushroom. For more than 2000 years, the people of Asia have utilised the benefits of the rare, deep forest Reishi mushroom.


ReishiMax GLp is standardised to 6% triterpenes and 13.5% polysaccharides.


Please note that some European Member States may have additional specificities that are linked to their national legislation.
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Netto Weight 37g

Not available in all EMEA countries