Eye Formula

Pharmanex Eye Formula is a supplement that can help support your balanced diet with a unique formula containing zinc, which helps maintain normal vision, plus selenium, copper, and vitamins C and E to offer protection from oxidative stress.


Maintain normal vision with Eye Formula.


Just like every other part of our bodies, our eyes have daily struggles of their own. Whether it’s a little too much time spent staring at a screen, exposure to air pollution, or simply the effects of ageing, there are plenty of factors that can have an impact on our vision over time. The same is true with oxidative stress. The cells in our eyes are regularly exposed to smoke, dust, UV rays and other sources of free radicals – reactive molecules which are controlled by our antioxidant network.


The vitamins and minerals we get through daily nutrition have a role in supporting our body’s defences against things like this. Pharmanex Eye Formula can help support a balanced diet, with key ingredients such as zinc helping you to maintain normal vision into the future.


Netto Weight 15g